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by Jacob Corvidae

If you’re a drinker of milk or soymilk, then I recommend that you check out these great reports from the Cornucopia Institute which rank the goodness of the product and producers of these drinks.  They have a milk scorecard and a soymilk scorecard It’s useful to note how badly companies like Silk, Trader Joe, Kroger, Costco or Meijer did. Also good to note the better companies like Organic Valley and SE Michigan’s own Eden Foods.

I found this from Kristen Ridley at’s Sustainable Food Blog, where she also lists the handy site which tells you the source of any carton of milk you’re holding.

by Jacob Corvidae

Some folks in NYC (hey Cecil…) have got this great looking DIY approach for vertical hydroponic gardens inside your home. They call them window farms. Parts are cheap, the effect is cool, and it’s hard to argue with any which way. They’re also running a forum to encourage people to get involved in R&D-I-Y (research and develop it yourself) projects. Pretty awesome. I may try it for my west facing bedroom window in D-town.

Thanks to my awesome aunt Phyllis who alerted me to these through a post at