Monthly archive: October 2010

by Cecil Scheib

Jacob mentioned this to me: an electric car that ran 370 miles on a single charge in Germany.

It appears to be legit, so I’m not calling scam (and I certainly hope it’s for real!), but something is lost in translation.

Assume the thing has a 30hp motor like a VW Beetle from the 60s.

30hp=22kW. Times 7 hours is 156kWh. (This is close to a comment I read that said 115kWh necessary, maybe the motor is even less powerful than a 1965 VW Bug.)

It also says charges in 6 or 18 minutes, depending on what article you read. Fine. Call it 18 minutes.

115kWh in 18 minutes is over 380kW. That’s what a 100,000 square foot office building draws on the hottest day of the year when all the AC is going, through a 2000A, 4kV bus in the basement with cables as big as your forearm.

No way is it coming out of your household service.

I am not even taking into account overhead losses, efficiency of charging, etc.

Also extra fishy, there are very few independent news sources reporting on this…it’s all blog posts quoting each other. Not reassuring.

I hope it’s true, but something is wrong here.

by Cecil Scheib

I took the train from NYC to Denver for the AASHE (higher ed sustainability group conference). Most people take it for granted that flying is the only way to go that distance. So I wrote a blog post for AASHE about my experiences. Find it here.