by Tony Sirna

How left and right are Democrats and Republicans?I was reading fivethirtyeight and saw this interesting graph showing how liberal and conservative the democrats and republicans were in each state legislature.  (Dems are blue and left is more liberal.)

It was interesting, but not at all surprising that where I live  in Missouri the Democrats are fairly right leaning but I was surprised to see that the Republicans were the 4th most conservative in the country.

Even more surprising is that the most conservative republicans are found in California! Talk about polarized – they have the most liberal Dems and the most conservative GOP. No wonder they can never pass a budget.

And whats up with Rhode Island where both parties are left of center and only a hairs breadth apart. There must be a story there.

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  1. very interesting! my whole life in Illinois I always knew there was something really different about Indiana, even though they are right next door and almost the same shape. their reds are way out there, where ours seem to be almost left-center. cool.

  2. Tony… I’m so pleased to see you blogging! Maybe, like Laird, this will be a place to start the work that will turn into a book. I’d love that! M

  3. I’d love to see this data cross-referenced with some data about the effectiveness of each state’s legislature in passing bills. Would the ability to pass bills be stronger in groups with closer alignment of the legislature (like Louisiana) or where one party had a stronger hold (like New York or Tennessee)?

  4. Well, I can speak to NY…where the Assembly and Senate are each controlled by opposite parties, so nothing gets done beyond a lot of posturing and finger pointing. In reality, the triumvarate of the Governor and the leader of each house do the bulk of the work behind closed doors.

    Albany should be renamed Dysfunction Junction.

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